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Susan Merrell

Mrs. Merrell's Office Hours

I am setting up office hours for students to connect with me and each other. We will use Google Hangout Meets for this. This is the way for students to get help with science assignments. Students can connect by using the link on my calendar. The link for the office hours calendar can be found below and in Google Classroom. When you go to the calendar, click on the event, then click on "more details". This will take you to another version of the calendar. Click on "Join Hangouts Meet". Please mute your microphone when you sign on. Use chat to ask questions or let me know that you need to say something.


Mrs. Merrell's Office Hours

Science Assignments in 5th Grade Work Packet

Properties of Matter Choice Board

Choose 3 of the activities to complete. Your choices should make a tic-tac-toe (be in a straight line). If you choose the FREE Space, you will need to email me your idea and get approval. These activities will help you review Properties of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas).


Ecosystem Reading Selections

Also, included in your packet are 4 reading selections with comprehension questions on the back. Each selection is a little introduction to an ecosystem topic we will learn more about later.


Dichotomous Key

Please hold onto this paper for a future lesson.


If this situation continues, future lessons will be delivered through Google Classroom.


Take Care. Stay Safe.

I hope to see you soon!

I miss you!

Science Journals

Students use their science journals almost daily in science class. These journals are stored in the science lab. Students are welcome to take them home anytime they feel the need, however, students must return their science journals the next day for class. 

What Students Need for Science

Students should have the following supplies every day when they come to Science Class:

1. College-ruled Composition Book

2. Pencils/Eraser

3. Headphones or Earbuds

What's Up!

Matter and Energy Units

Students have finished up their study of Matter and will begin their study of Energy. Students will explore the transfer of energy by radiation, conduction, and convection. Study guides will be sent home 9/30/19. Matter/Energy Unit Test will be October 17, 2019.


Matter and Energy Units Vocabulary Quizlet

Forces and Motion Unit

Students will begin their study of Force and Motion this week. They will explore Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, friction, momentum, and speed. During this unit, students will discover how and why things move and the forces that affect those movements. Force and Motion Unit Test: November 26th


Forces and Motion Vocabulary Quizlet

Weather Unit

Living Organisms and Genetics Units

In our living organisms unit students will learn about cells (plant and animal), single-celled and multi-celled organisms, and 6 human body systems. In our genetics unit, students will learn about heredity, learned behaviors, inherited traits, and acquired traits.


Living Organisms and Genetics Units Vocabulary



Ecosystems Unit