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Science with Mrs. Merrell

Students have been working hard in science. They are currently exploring Matter. Students spent last week exploring Properties of Matter. This week, students will explore mixtures, chemical properties, chemical reactions, conservation of matter, and states of matter. Next week, they will study the water cycle.


Wendy Horvat

What's going on in ELA and SS this week?

Sept 16-20: ELA - We continue to dissect and close read the story The Inventor's Secret. Skills being covered are summarizing, author's purpose, point of view, theme and finding main idea. The way this new program, Into Reading, is set up is that one story is analyzed for several different skills, so the skills listed above will be revisited throughout the year but in different stories. There will be a test at the end of each Module which will cover all the skills from that week. Throughout the module students will complete several activities to practice the skills learned. Some of these will be counted as a participation/ completion grade. 

Social Studies - Hemispheres and relative and absolute location. 

Writing - Students are writing a sequential piece that will explain how to separate out a mixture they combined in science. On Friday they will follow their steps and separate the materials. This will be for a grade. 

Duke University Marine Lab Survey

Parents, this survey is for you to fill out. We are partnering up with Duke University this year and will be learning about marine debris and its effects. The purpose of the survey is to find out how much you know about marine debris and its effects before your child brings home information they learn in school. At the end of the year there will be a follow up survey to see what and if any knowledge has been shared between parent and child. I greatly appreciate your participation in this. Click on the link below to access the survey.



Homework and Agenda

Agenda - Students are expected to have their agenda signed nightly. This lets the teachers know that the student's agenda is being seen.

Homework - Starting Monday there will be three to four math questions nightly. In addition, students are expected to read 20 minutes nightly and record what they read and the page numbers, if a book,  in their agenda. Reading includes any text, be it a recipe, a magazine, directions to a game, etc. For students with busy schedules, reading in the car from point A to point B can help with limited time. I also highly encourage parents to have their child read out-loud. This helps with fluency and parents can help with unknown pronunciations and meanings of words they hear their child struggle with. 


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Volunteers for fieldtrips

Please know that if you are interested in being a volunteer on any school field trip, you must first attend a volunteer training. These will be held the first Monday of every month at 2:15.  You can check in at the office. The first one will be October 7th:)

You do not need to attend if you have previously attended a volunteer training at a Carteret County school.

Upcoming Tests and Assignments Due

Mrs. Horvat's Homeroom has a test tomorrow, Sept. 20 in SS and ELA. Students took their social studies map worksheets home today to look over. The ELA test will be on all the skills we have practiced over the past few weeks.


Mrs. Ritchie's Homeroom will be testing Monday, Sept. 23 on the same material. 


Ways to Earn Money for our School

Box tops and Shoparoo

Box Tops for Education has now gone digital. Be sure to download the app onto your phone so that you can easily snap photos of your receipts. Any participating products will be ...more