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Hey Guys!  It's me, Walker!

I've been a busy guy since I last updated you on my progress.  

I started school!  That's right.  I went to school with my mom.  Dog school is a lot of work but I love it because every time I do something right I get treats.  It didn't take me long to learn commands like "look" and "touch."  I do pretty well with "come" - most of the time.  I am still scared of the command "sit."  The person that owned me before didn't want me to sit because show dogs are not suppose to sit in the show ring.  Mom keeps telling me I am a retired show dog and it is okay to sit now.  I'll get there.  Old habits are hard to break.  

Guess what! I have friends now! I love Ty and Toto.  They are Yorkies.  We love to go on walks together.  

I am doing much better with my anxiety around new people but I still love to bark.  It is a friendlier bark now.  I am getting braver and more confident everyday.   

Well, I gotta go and do some training.  Remember, readers are leaders!  

Your fluffy friend, 


The Morning News

The "Morning News" is  "live" from the Media Center each day.  Students apply for a position on the crew.  They must be good role models, maintain their grades, and be able to work well independently and in a group.


The Crew- In all their glory! :)

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May 21-25


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Daisy the Dewey Dog!

Daisy the Dewey Dog!
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