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Hey boys and girls!  Here is all my news!

When I left ND there was snow on the ground and it was really cold.  Everything is really different in NC.  Grass feels strange under my paws, there are fleas everywhere, and my mom found a tick on me!  We don't have ticks and fleas in ND because it is too cold.  I don't think I like them!  


Everything is so new that it can be a bit overwhelming for a little guy like me!   I get really scared and start barking when someone comes to the door of our home or they are walking around in the yard.   I had my mom really worried when I growled at a neighbor.  I wasn't being mean, I was just scared.  After that, she and I started school. 


My teacher is Miss Pat.  She is a professional dog trainer.  

Miss Pat comes to our home and teaches my mom how to deescalate my fear.  My mom will tell me to , "Look!"  I look at her and I get treat!  I'm so busy getting a treat that I forget all about the people.  The other thing that Miss Pat taught me was the command "touch." My mom will put two fingers down in front of me and tell me to "touch."  If I touch her fingers with my nose, I get a treat.  At first, I didn't know what she was doing.  After I got my first treat, I caught on quickly.  


Well, that is all the news I have for now.  I'll update you later!  


Wonderful Walker! 


Click here to learn all about my breed

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The Morning News

The "Morning News" is  "live" from the Media Center each day.  Students apply for a position on the crew.  They must be good role models, maintain their grades, and be able to work well independently and in a group.


The Crew- In all their glory! :)

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Daisy the Dewey Dog!

Daisy the Dewey Dog!
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